Domaine Bourdic deltager på Vinisud

côtes de thongues | languedoc

VINISUD – Stand A2 D14
PROWEIN – Stand 11 F128

Our two Swiss musicians, Hans and Christa buy the Domaine Bourdic in the Languedoc, on the Cotes de Thongue, in 1992. The terroir has a strongly defined ‘character’, with its small individual plots. For the past fifteen years, they have cultivated their vines purely organically, giving each plot a part, as they would in creating an opera – (The Magic Vine). > > This last year has seen a change of course: our two orchestra chiefs have decided to concentrate even more heavily on quality rather than quantity by increasing the biodiversity of the land, by planting trees and aromatic herbs between the vines, producing wines which are even more full of character and authenticity. > > The results of their new 2017 composition are four superb wines, > which just have to be sampled!
Our quality organic wines are on the look-out for importers and agents, who are equally welcome!!!

Domaine Bourdic
34290 Alignan du Vent
Tel. +33 467 24 98 08
Mob +33 631 68 74 99
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